Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.

The Illinois Rabbit Breeders Association is a State Rabbit and Cavy Club dedicated to the promotion of the rabbit industry in 'all' aspects, be it exhibition, commercial, or as pets.

The Organization is made up of local all breed clubs as well as individual members. We encourage both adult and youth memberships, and we welcome our out of state members who have joined us through one of our IRBA 'local all breed clubs'.

Membership in the IRBA includes the Illinois News magazine, a publication with rabbit news, a list of upcoming shows, club listings, personal advertisements, and other useful articles.

The IRBA has a Youth Department, and we encourage all youth members to participate in the various contests available and the sweepstakes. 

A sweepstakes is also offered to all adults. The sweepstakes, both open and youth, is divided into three districts within the state, and awards are offered for 1st - 10th places in each district for regular showroom classes. Meat pen and single fryer competitions also receive appropriate awards. In order to accumulate sweepstakes points, you must be a member of the IRBA at the time of the show.

All Illinois rabbit enthusiasts are invited to join our Organization.  Out of state members may join the IRBA by joining through an IRBA Illinois affiliated "LOCAL" all breed club.

We welcome new members, and we encourage you to join us by sending the appropriate fees to the Illinois Rabbit Breeders Association Secretary.  


Membership Fees:

Adult if joining through an IRBA affiliated local all breed club - $7.00
Youth if joining through an IRBA affiliated local all breed club - $5.00
Adult or Youth if joining individually - $8.00
Make checks payable to The Illinois Rabbit Breeders Association

*   Individual Membership is open to all Illinois residents.  If you reside outside of the state of Illinois, membership in the IRBA can only be obtained by joining through one of our Illinois affiliated 'LOCAL ALL BREED' clubs.


Send Membership Fees and/or Questions To:
Norma Hart, IRBA Secretary  
190 N First Ave
Coal City, IL 60416