Notes on Being a Good Writer
y Bonnie Bolen

1-Before making any marks on the remark card, check each class and make sure the cards are sorted correctly. This will save time when you try to match the cards with the # of rabbits on the table.

2-Count the # of rabbits in the class and mark EACH remark card.

3-Personally, I never count nor mark the # of exhibitors in the class. If you have to change the # of rabbits, for some reason, this is one less thing you might overlook. Most club secretaries have a program that will do this anyway.

4-Always tell the judge how many animals should be on the table. A lot of missed rabbits are caught by doing this before the judges starts placing any rabbits.

5-I like to arrange the remark cards alphabetically and then numerically. This saves time when the judge calls a number.

6-Save all first place cards. Save all BOV, BOSV, BOG and BOSG cards until the judge chooses a BOB and BOS animal. I always place the cards in class order (SR. B, Sr. D, etc) with the Buck card on top and the Doe card directly beneath it so it is easier for me to find the proper card when the judge chooses the BOV, etc. I always put the BOV cards on top and the BOSV cards on the bottom and then it is a little easier to mark them when the judge chooses his/her BOB and BOS.

7-I prefer to mark the special wins with a red ink pen.

8-Always sort the cards before returning them to the superintendent. Sort by class and variety with the first place animal on top and the other placings follow in the proper order. This makes the secretary’s job much easier. Most judges don’t have a problem with you telling them you need a minute to get organized.

9-Keep talking to exhibitors to a minimum. Your job is very important and mistakes found by the secretary are hard to correct when everyone is gone.

10-ALWAYS be respectful to the Judge and pay attention to him/her so you are prepared to write when they are ready.

11-When the judge chooses BOV or BOSV or BOB etc, repeat what they say to avoid errors.

12-If the ear # on the card does not match the ear # of the rabbit on the table, it is your responsibility to excuse yourself and go check the entry sheet. If the ear # on the entry matches the ear # on the rabbit, change the remark card. If the #’s DO NOT match, the animal was never entered in the show and is a scratch. You will then need to change the # of rabbits entered in the class by one.

13-The # of rabbits in the class will be changed if any of the following occur: The rabbit is DQ’d for being the Wrong Sex; Wrong Variety or Wrong Breed.

14-The # of rabbits in the class WILL NOT change if the animal is DQ'd for nasal discharge, missing toenail, broken tail or any other judgmental issue.

15-Make sure your judge gets a drink. If no one from the show offers to get it, ask the superintendent or go get it yourself and tell the kitchen workers the drink is for the judge.

16-Check off as many judge’s comments as you can as a lot of exhibitors are showing more than one breed and have paid to hear or read those comments.

Always be pleasant and try to have a good time as it makes the day go much faster and keeps this a hobby!!